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Promoting the discipline and art of parkour.

I'm Kate, a traceuse who jumps between the upstate NY, NYC, and NJ communities, training since 07.

Beyond Balance: Parkour & Balance Training →
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How to make the most of a little. Sasha Sevo.

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Hello! Good night! 

I have a group that makes videos and posts on youtube about skateboarding, bmx, breaking and recently released a video of parkour! 

If they have time, I would appreciate a look at our video and told me what you think! 

Thank you!

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Nikkie Zanevsky Speaks about Parkour in NYC →

My partner & friend Nikkie talks about Parkour in NYC with journalists at Columbia University.

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The New Yorker came out to one of our classes a few weeks ago and drew this awesome comic!

The New Yorker came out to one of our classes a few weeks ago and drew this awesome comic!

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Stoop to my Level
 - The Movement Creative & Local Traceurs walk around Brooklyn & get movin with the neighbors

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Five Tips for Safe Summer Training →
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gammashuffler asked: Hey, I am someone who would like to get into parkour but don't really know where to begin. I am not that agile, and I am fat. Like 230 pounds fat, can you recommend something for me that is parkour related?


Hey Gamma

Start small and low impact, with balancing, quadrupedal movement, jumping, and safety vaulting.  These four very simple movements, paired with basic strength & conditioning exercises (body weight exercises), is a great point of departure. You’ll be building critical skills, such as balance, control, and body awareness, which will translate later into all of the more complex movements.

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